Foreign Policy in France After the Election of President Macron

On September 19th, 2017, INCIPE held a Work Breakfast entitled Foreign Policy in France After the Election of President Macron: Facing Global and European Challenges. At this occasion, the participation of the Honorable French Ambassador to Spain, Yves Saint-Geours, was much anticipated. During the meeting, the importance of chief goals regarding foreign policy on the French government’s agenda were set, and how France is able to contribute to the implementation of solutions to achieve global stability and peace.

As the ‘fifth world power’, France has a great responsibility regarding global security, in which its objective is to maintain and extend democratic values, through diplomacy and cooperation, with its many allies throughout the globe. Principally, the threats that face the country not only affect France, but the other countries in Europe and the rest of the world as well. Because of this, a close cooperation with the rest of European Union members, NATO, and a dialogue within the framework of the United Nations is vital.

Currently we face an international order marked by the multiplication of crises that threaten the stability of the European continent and its prosperity. In this context, France plays a fundamental role, promoting collective action and international cooperation. It has prepared four priorities on its agenda in order to curb terrorism and the migrant problem: contain the root of terrorism, put a stop to the use of chemical weapons, the opening of a safe and reliable humanitarian track, and political stability in unstable regions.

On the other hand, we also find ourselves in a period marked by globalization and digitalization, and France aims to safeguard its interests, and not just within its own borders. Recent cyberattacks have shown the necessity of paying attention to the digital world and the risks of this transnational threat. At the same time, the environment is also a challenge to keep in mind.

Finally, France is and will be thoroughly committed to the European project, as President Macron himself has indicated. But for this project, it will be necessary to bring together European institutions and citizens to carry out important reforms that confer strength.

To end the meeting, those present debated issues such as the reforming of the Security Council of the United Nations, economic governance, cooperation with Spain in antiterrorism measures, or French presence in the Sahel.

Emma Bass

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