Making the UE stronger: the Latvian Presidency

On February 7, 2015, The International Affairs and Foreign Policy Institute organized a Working Breakfast at which Mr. Janis Eichmanis, Ambassador of Latvia to Spain, presented on the topic ¨Making the EU Stronger: The Latvian Presidency.¨

Latvian Ambassador Janis Eichmanis spoke on the challenges the European Union is bound to face in the near future. The ambassador focused on economic recovery and job creation in the EU, stressing the importance of competitiveness and the need to promote investment in cutting edge products and services in order to progress. The only way Europe will be able to facilitate job creation and promote social cohesion is through the development of the industrial and service sectors.

Following suit, the Latvian presidency will be focusing on the digital and information technology sectors, as they offer an unprecedented opportunity for sustainable growth in the EU. However, given the significant security risks in the sector, it is important to enhance data protection mechanisms and improve cybersecurity. Finally, the European Union has a responsibility to play a complete and active role on the global stage. Conflict ridden regions lie just on the outskirts of the continent, making the challenges that lie ahead even more significant.
The debate following Ambassador Eichmanis’ speech focused on the EU’s stability, new opportunities to work with NATO and the importance of creating economic relationships with countries in Asia.

Aranzazu Álvarez
Manager of Institutional Relations

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