Board of trustees


Message from the President of INCIPE :


“INCIPE was founded in a climate of innovatioin and initiative in 1991 following the merger between the Center for Foreign Policy (CEPE), directed by Ambassador José María de Areilza , and the Institute of International Affairs (INCI), directed by Ambassador Antonio Garrigues y Díaz-Cañabate. The former directors currently sit as President and Honorary President, respectively, of  INCIPE . In the 90´s, INCIPE worked on regular activities and publications under President Eduardo Serra. Since then, INCIPE has maintained its tradition of excellence and evolved to be a key contributor to Spanish foreign affairs analysis and international relations. The organization has extended its reach by working closely with the recently established think tank Elcano Royal Institute of International and Strategic Studies, opening new oportunities for international studies in Spain .”


President Honorary President Vicepresident Vicepresident Secretary General

Jose LLadó

Eduardo Serra

Darío Valcárcel

Luis Solana

Jose Pedro Sebastián de Erice

Vocal Vocal Vocal Vocal Vocal

Rafael Calduch

Ignacio Camuñas

Julian García

Francisco Luzón

Ramón de Miguel

Vocal Vocal Vocal Vocal Vocal

Jose Joaquín Puig

Javier Salas

Antxon Sarasqueta

Pedro Schwartz

Pedro Solbes

Vocal Vocal Vocal Director

Jose María Treviño

Manuel Valencia

Jose Luis Zavala

Vicente Garrido

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