Democratic transition in Egypt

On September 27, 2013, INCIPE organized a Work Breakfast under the heading, Democratic Transition in Egypt, which focused on the present situation in Egypt and the regeneration of democracy. The keynote speaker, Ayman Zaineldine, Hon. Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Spain, presented the keys points to understanding the transition process occurring in the country.

Ayman Zaineldine put special emphasis in his speech that “the democratization process will not turn around.” The Egyptians believe in democracy as the way to effectively govern the country. “On June 30, more than two million demonstrators gathered in many Egyptian cities calling for the immediate resignation of President Mursi, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party, which is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The protests led to a military intervention on July 3 with the consequent overthrow of Mursi and his government. The Zaineldine Ambassador noted that “the Muslim Brotherhood not only wanted to rule the country, but also to design a state structure in their image. So, the overthrow garnered popular support. “

The breakfast meeting was closed with a debate which addressed issues such as the position of Israel and the countries of the region, the situation of the Egyptian economy and its prospects for regeneration, the role played by the media communication and social networking, and the future of foreign investment.

Aranzazu Álvarez
Manager of Institutional Relations

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