Preparing for the worst: The Terrorist threat to modern cities

Desayuno de trabajo que contó con la participación del Sr. Graham Stokes, Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service.
Graham has been a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for over 28 years. He has been a Chief Inspector for the past 12 years. He is currently head of the MPS Emergency Procedures Unit based at New Scotland Yard and has responsibility for developing the MPS plans for dealing with major incidents / emergencies. He is a member of the London Emergency Services Liaison Panel (LESLP), a member of numerous committees under the London Regional Resilience Forum and sits on a number of Home Office project boards relating to disaster planning. He has been personally involved in the response to a number of major incidents – most notably the Marchioness river-boat disaster, Paddington train crash, Buncefield fuel plant explosion and the July 7th 2005 London Bombings where he acted as Strategic Adviser to Gold during the initial stages and managed the Disaster Victim Recovery and Identification Teams throughout the operation.

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